Telco & FTTH

Nexconec  Involvement in Telco FTTx:

The central office is the heart of the network. With reliability being critical, you need products that optimize your network’s capabilities. Nexconec hardware solutions simplify the design and deployment of the telecommunication rooms with versatile product families that offer industry-leading density and flexibility and provide the lowest total cost of ownership.

High-density fiber management system that provides a balance of industry-leading density with innovative jumper routing. The system can be deployed in multiple applications including: central office, FTTx and data center. Nexconec solutions are specifically designed for FTTx applications and is available with a variety of splitter solutions that can be co-located within the same hardware frame.

Our extensive product portfolio and network expertise ensure our ability to provide solutions that address major challenges such as speed of deployment, labor costs, performance and quality cost deferment, and network future readiness.